Solar Hot Water


Save money on your water heating costs with efficient use all year round.

solar-hot-waterHow does it work?

A typical solar heated water system starts with a solar collector that absorbs the sun’s radiation and converts it into energy that is used to heat water. The stored heated water is then applied to supplement the heating of household water, hot tubs, swimming pools or hydronic radiant floor heating systems. A back up of gas or electric is sufficient.



We come to your property/home for a free assessment which includes using a pathfinder instrument to clarify how much sun you can actually use and if your collectors will be on the roof, ground or outside wall of your home. Then based on your hot water needs, type of component warranties and efficiency ratings you would like, we custom design your solar hot water system.

Solar hot water is one of the best investments to save energy and support the planet. Please read about tax credits to save even more money. Remember solar hot water systems require little maintenance and last for over 30 years. An investment you can count on when fossil fuels go up in price and value is added to your home.


Our System Components

A typical solar hot water system includes an 80 gallon solar hot water storage tank for a family of four. The transmission line to the tank and the controller with a circulator are also part of the system. All our equipment and parts are high quality and are made to last. There are lifetime warranties available and we are proud of our customer satisfaction for the past 12 years.

Flat plate collectors are the most common type used and can be installed on your roof or yard where there is at least 6 hours of sunlight. Most flat plate collectors are 3” thick flat, glass covered black boxes that are typically 4’ x 8’ or 4’ x 10’ in size. The heat absorbing plates mounted at an angle are suited to latitude and application , facing south +/- 30 degrees. Installations may be on your roof or yard.

Solar evacuated tubes are a newer technology with improved performance due to their special vacuum seal which eliminates heat loss. The extra cost is worth it because they outperform the flat plate during fall, spring and winter. Their increase in output during heating season make them an excellent choice for hydronic radiant floor heating systems.


2008 MLK_ Hannah_ Solar Dyamics115

120 evacuated tubes assisting home heating and domestic hot water.



3 @ 4′ X 10′ flat plate collectors for domestic heated water.



2 @ 4′ X 8′ flat plate collectors for domestic heated water.



4 @ 4′ X 8′ flat plate collectors in drain back system for heating domestic water.



40 evacuated tubes assisting home heating and domestic heated water.



30 evacuated tubes for heating domestic water.



Drain back system at I-40 rest stop.


Sunny Creek Farm_019

16 @ 4′ X 10′ flat plate collectors assisting the heating of water in agricultural production facility.