Radiant Floor Heat

How does it work?radiant-floor-heat-1_0

All of our installations are hydronic using water as the energy transportation media. Heated water from a boiler is pumped through strong PEX tubing laid in a pattern underneath the floor. The tubing can also be embedded in a concrete slab Or in a lightweight concrete pour on a suspended floor OR on top of a previously poured slab Or stapled up under a subfloor using heat transfer plates to hold the tubing against the floor.

You can use solar, propane, oil, natural gas, electricity or wood burning boilers to heat the water in the radiant floor system. And the heating system can be combined with your domestic hot water system.



The circulating water in the floor tubes can be either the same as the domestic water (an open system) or completely separate from it (a closed system). When the domestic water is also the fluid for the space heating, we make sure the system incorporates circulation of the water in the floor tubes during the non-heating season. This way stagnant water will never be reintroduced into the domestic water.

We offer a wide range of designs and installations, always aimed to meet your specific demands. We prefer to use designs that have control flexibility, high boiler efficiency and long lasing components such as tanks, pump, tubing, controls, etc.

The radiant floor tubing products we currently use have 25 + years warranty and have been in use since the 1980’s. The balance of the systems is built with copper pipe and fittings. Designs and installations favor simplicity and easy to understand layout, keeping maintenance and possible expansions in mind.

Radiant floor heat can be used with a wide variety of flooring: wood, linoleums, tile, carpet, concrete and more. Your home is unique and we custom fit our projects

Hydronic Radiant Floor heat is a great companion to solar electricity and solar hot water . Tax credits apply.


The Benefits:

There is no dry air being forced through dusty ducts, so the air in your home is CLEAN, and the system is QUIET. The high efficiency boilers and even heat distribution creates EFFICIENCY and COMFORT. Installations are possible in new and existing homes or businesses.

“We love our heating system! Our heating bill has dropped dramatically. It is wonderful to hit the floor in the morning and feel warmth on my feet. Thank you, Ole, for being dependable and efficient.”
~ Katrina Kaeck, Fairview, NC

We had a wonderful experience working with Solar Dynamics. Ole was very professional and knowledgeable. We were very confident in his work. We had one minor issue and he came right out the next day to remedy the situation. So glad we found out about Solar Dynamics to install our hot water heater/radiant floor heating system. We would definitely recommend this company to others!
~ Jennifer and Warren Yeisley




PEX tubing laid prior to concrete pour.



PEX tubing laid prior to concrete pour.



PEX tubing laid prior to concrete pour.



Heat transfer plates holding the PEX tubing under sub floor.



PEX tubing laid out between sleepers ( 2 X 4’s). After concrete pour, the finished floor will be attached to the sleepers.



PEX-AL-PEX tubing laid into Warm board system.



PEX-AL-PEX tubing laid into Infloor retro fit system.