Wind Power

Western North Carolina has many ridges and mountain tops with enough wind to power your home or business. sd-wind-power

Small wind power systems are very efficient and offer energy independence or grid tie options.


Basic considerations for wind turbine installations.

  1. Is the wind class at level 3 or more? 11 to 13 mile per hour average yearly wind speed. Appalachian State University has extensive wind maps for NC at their website:
  2. Are there any local zoning restrictions to comply with, such as ridge project limitations, tower height (typically 60 ‘to 100’), neighborhood covenants etc.?
  3. Do I have a non-turbulent air flow at least 30 ‘ above any obstructions ( buildings and trees ) within 300’ ( especially in the direction of the prevailing wind direction from NW to N )
  4. Distance from tower site to system controls can be limited by the needed turbine size and its voltage output. The 3 – 10 KW wind turbines can be placed as far as 2000’ from the controls, where as the smaller wind turbines (less than 3 KW) are best placed within 300’ from the controls. The compromises to be considered are those made between wire sizes, energy loss and tower location.
  5. Grid tied systems can be with or without a storage battery and the grid either becomes a receiver of all the power that you produce and / or a back up for the battery system.
  6. Direct grid tied systems require a net metering agreement with the utility company that normally would provide the electricity to your home. (Contact your local provider for updated information on net metering with them or VISIT NC State University Solar Center for more information about net metering and Green Power).
  7. Independent off-grid systems: The battery-storage solutions is primarily for standby back-up, remote homes , cabins or other applications where the electric power grid is not nearby or feasible to install . The advantage to the battery-storage is the option to always have electric energy available and be your own power producer. Being on your own also requires more interaction with the system and it becomes important to be able to oversee the different aspects of maintenance and monitoring.

Please contact us about your specific location and we can walk you through the decision process.




Bergey EXCEL 10 KW turbine on 100′ guyed lattice tower.


Turbine inspection.